Bryan Donnell is a cinematographer for documentaries and commercials. Lately he’s done a lot of Netflix stuff. For a number of years he has shot films and television for Lucy Walker and, until recently, Morgan Spurlock, such as all 4 seasons of his CNN show, Inside Man. Hillbilly, directed by Ashley York and Sally Rubin, won Best Documentary Feature at the LA Film Festival. For his cinematography on the Emmy-wining show Intervention, which was for five years an unparalleled verité camera workshop, he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy.. Bryan shot a short film, working from ideas in Schrader’s Transcendental Style in Film, that won the Palme d’Or for shorts at the Cannes Film Festival. A show he has been shooting for CNN and Van Jones will premiere this spring in Anthony Bourdain’s old spot. He has taught film production at UC-Long Beach, was a grad student in film at USC, and studied painting and creative writing at UNC Chapel Hill. He has spoken on several panels for Canon, the IDA, and Sundance.

You can download a resumé here

Instagram: bldonnell