Bryan Donnell is a cinematographer for documentaries and branded content. His work has appeared in theaters as well as networks such as Netflix, HBO, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, and many others, and in festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, and Cannes; and he has worked worked frequently with directors such as Lucy Walker, Morgan Spurlock, Matthew Galkin, Brian Knappenberger, Peter Logreco, and Matt Testa.

He has been nominated for a primetime Emmy for cinematographer, and films of his have won prizes like Palme d’Or (Best Short Film) at Cannes, Best Doc Feature at the LA Film Festival, and many other jury prizes and special mentions.

In particular Bryan has been called upon for vérité work, with sensitive material and subjects, being the “friend in the room” — that is, to help subjects to open up with a sympathetic presence, while capturing footage that is highly cinematic and shot with an eye for storytelling.

His background is in creative writing and fine arts, which he studied at UNC-Chapel Hill, making the move to film by attending USC’s cinema school. He began shooting documentaries professionally before graduating.

He considers documentary shooting to be the perfect combination of sport, visual art, storytelling, and above all empathy.

You can download a resumé here

Instagram: bldonnell